Apex Arachnoid Knives: Designed by Neurosurgeons for Use by Neurosurgeons

Designed by Neurosurgeons for Use by Neurosurgeons.

Apex Arachnoid Knives™ are four, precise, ultra-thin, knives available on six accompanying handles for use in cerebrovascular, tumor, spinal, and epilepsy procedures.

Each blade is manufactured from extremely hard 400 series stainless steel. This material enables Apex to etch an extremely acute edge on the blade. The feather-light handle is manufactured from an extremely stiff Ultem® plastic for better tactile feedback and no whiplash.

Why use Apex Arachnoid Knives™?

Apex blades are chemically etched to provide a perfect cutting edge. The proprietary hydrophilic blade coating ensures minimum tissue drag and the feather-light yet stiff handle provides for optimum tactile feedback. The combination of these three important factors enhances a surgeon’s ability to perform elegant microsurgery.

Apex Arachnoid Knives™ permit delicate, safe, sharp microdissection in situations where it is simply impossible to safely use a less elegant instrument. Even for relatively simple superficial dissections, Apex Arachnoid Knives™ help to preserve delicate tissue and improve patient outcomes. Apex Arachnoid Knives™ are the superior instrument for delicate dissections as well as for instances where pulling on delicate structures is not permissible.

Apex Arachnoid Knives™ are superior to scissors and reusable knives. Although the arachnoid can be dissected with scissors, often the angle of attack is poor and a reusable knife is used instead. However, a reusable knife will subject delicate structures to much greater stress and risk of damage. Dissections with a sharp, appropriately angled knife, such as Apex Arachnoid Knives™, is much safer and faster, and greatly increases the speed of dissection. A few minutes of OR time saved more than pays for these knives — this time savings has been the justification for bioplate, craniotomy closure, staples for skin closure, or paper drapes.

How are Apex Arachnoid Knives™ sold?

Apex Arachnoid Knives™ are sold individually, preassembled in a sterile peel pack.

Apex Medical recommends that Apex Arachnoid Knives™ be used only once. The fine razor thin edge is precisely what makes these knives unique. It is impossible to maintain the sharpness of a fine delicate edge with extended use. These knives are so sharp, that even when dulled through use, they remain much sharper than any instrument previously used in surgery. With such sharpness, a surgeon may not realize that the performance of the knife has deteriorated significantly.

Please contact Apex Medical Inc. directly at 610-240-4905 and we will direct you to the appropriate distributor for Apex Arachnoid Knives™.